Monday, 31 January 2011

A Dwarfs Tale: From King to Clansman Part VI. - Thunderers Complete

I have finally finished off the unit.  Ten thunderers with a musician.  Overall I am quite happy with them, I am reworking my recipe with the dwarfs - I have recorded the paints used and all that.

Also, you might notice some new links at the top of the page.  These are links to my completed projects, tutorials and photo gallery.  The 'Hobby' page is a little off set, because I cannot code with HTML, but I think it vaguely looks decent enough.  I hope you enjoy!  Oh, and I added the 'You might also like' widget.  I like it.  Just an attempt to try and improve the blog somewhat.


  1. They look great up close man, but how do you find the contrast working out when looking from further away? In particular I'm wondering about the shirt sleeves and the stone bases- the colors look quite similiar.

  2. Thanks. I can see what you mean, but I find in person there is enough distinction between them to be easily identifiable.


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