Friday, 4 February 2011

A Dwarfs Tale: From King to Clansman - Unit Filler

I have been working on my first ever unit filler, you'll see the pictures below.  First of all though, I wanted to explain the terrible greenstuff work.  If you have been following my progress at all, you'll see that I rarely use greenstuff (GS).

The reason is that I am not very good with it (see evidence below) and so get upset and distraught when it doesn't work.  However, I realised that to a degree my skills have become stagnate.  I find my painting has not progressed much, it is at a decent quality so I can't complain too much.  The thing I am really not good at is converting.  I shy away from these, especially using GS.  So, I am going to endeavour to try and improve upon my skills with GS. 

It will look bad for a bit, then hopefully when I improve and get practice more you will be able to see it.  For now, here is my first attempt with some reworking.  The model itself is from the miner boxed set.  I removed the box at the back, and on top of the saddle itself.  The backpacks are again from the miners kit I believe.  I used some GS to attempt to fix up the damage done to the mule's tail in removing some unneeded stuff, as well as the back legs.  I also decided that I wanted to have someone leading the mule, so it made sense for them to have some reins.  I added them also.  Overall, for my first real try it isn't bad.  I hope to improve.


  1. Great use of the Skull Pass pony!

  2. Thanks dude. That pony is actually from the miner's kit. You get a couple in the larger boxed kit.

  3. I like the idea so much Ive decided to copy it. Managed to grab 4 ponies and mining carts from a mates Miners box sets. Now I just have to figure what to do with them.

    As a hint - 2x3 size fillers work best as they can more easily fit into a 5 wide ranked unit.

  4. Most important thing is keeping your tools and fingers wet so it sticks to only the things you want it to.

    I know this is also on most basic guides but you can also let it cure a bit before smoothing.

    Model looks fine imo. Good use of the pony and the miner's pose. You're better than you're giving yourself credit for!


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