Saturday, 8 January 2011

Goals for 2011

I decided to follow the trend and post up some aims for 2011, however I decided to avoid the term 'resolutions' and instead go for 'aims' or 'goals'.  I think last year I had nothing to drive or guide me, my hobby was a little bit disjointed and I had little aim.

That isn't to say I did nothing.  I restarted my dwarfs, got a blood bowl team sorted and made my first personal sale on ebay.  I did not mange to get much done last year, this was due to having to write a dissertation in May, uni work before that.  Following this was two moves where I had little time or chance to do any painting.  I will be moving again towards the end of the year, but I have some months before that and so I hope to be able to achieve some goals between now and then.

- My first goal for this year is to get my dwarf army repainted to a good standard, and to get them to a playable level.  By this I mean I would like to get them to at least 2000pts, I also want to use them to help me to improve my painting and converting skills.

- To sort out my orks.  Over this last year I have found that many of them have broken - either from the bases or fallen arms.  I do need to sort this out, I also want to improve them.  I have some ideas for them, alongside fixing them I want to add to them.

- Start my next two armies.  These will be Space Wolves and Orcs and Goblins.

- Attempt to finish off some projects I started a while a go.  These are a Mordheim warband (Possessed) and perhaps a Orc Blood Bowl team if I can.

- I have been slowly reading through the Horus Heresy series (just finished Decent of Angels) and I really want to get to the Space Wolf novels but am forcing myself to read them in order.  I actually liked Decent of Angels but some things did rankle with me.  Such as the main character's easy acceptance of Luthor's announcement of his desire to 'rule' the Legion and to let Lion die.  I would have expected a bit more that "I didn't know".  And I did not believe that librarians existed then, unless this is at a time after the fact that they discover daemons and the things 'beyond the veil'.

- Get started on some LOTR minis.  I have the Fellowship and the Moria Goblins from the Mines of Moria boxed set to paint before looking into more stuff.  That said, I also need to look into exactly what forces I want to collect.

- Oh yeah... And I am trying to be frugal with my hobby.  Um...

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