Saturday, 15 January 2011

A Dwarfs Tale: From King to Clansman. Part V - The List

It has been a little while since I posted about my dwarfs, and I have made some decisions about the army.  I realised that I wanted an army that was playable and done for this year.

Previously I was just building models and units as I felt like, this would have led to me having a very random and a possible unplayable army.  So, I decided to plan out an army.  It is 2000pts and gives me a good amount of space to expand outwards.  Here is the list I have planned out.

Dwarf Lord - Great Weapon; Shieldbearers; MRoSteel, RoResistance, RoStone, MRoSpite (301)
Battle Standard Bearer - BSB; MRoGromril (115)
Runesmith - Shield, MRoBalance, RoSpellbreaking (147 )

Warriors [19] - Great Weapon, Shield; Full Command (215)
Longbeards [20] - Shields, Full Command (265)
Thunderers [10] - Shields, Musician (155)
Quarrellers [10] - Shields, Musician (125)

Cannon - RoForging (125)
Grudge Thrower - RoAccuracy, RoPenetrating; (130 )
Hammerers [18] - Full Command; MRoGrungi (296)

Organ Gun (125)


It is quite a simple list, but I think it is effective at the points level it is.  The first expansion to 2500pts will be to bulk some units up in size and then another character.  I have some plans for certain minis.  For example I want a lord with shieldbearers, however I HATE the Alric Ranulfsson mini.  So, I need to figure out what mini to use; I have an idea how I want him to look but that is for a later post.  I actually have most the minis for this list, it is just the Hammerers that I need, and at the moment I am unsure if I'll be buying the GW ones as I really dislike the minis.  On the other hand, I am no good at greenstuff so that option might be out.


  1. The lord seems a bit Rune heavy to me, that's a lot of points! It's always the temptation though isn't it.
    Still, your main point is aiming for a playable army - and changing rune's won't really affect the armies models.

  2. He is quite expensive, but the point of this lord is to survive combats (either challenges or normal) and give out a fair bit of pain in return.

    He's become a very standard dwarf lord build it seems. If needs be, I could strip him of some runes but I am happy using him as he is.

  3. I like its reasonably well balanced. Although at 2000pts have you thought about ditching the Lord altogether and just running with a Runesmith General & BSB? Put them in same unit and use extra points to beef up your infantry to 25 models.

  4. John - I had, but I liked the look of the lord and he makes the Hammerers even tougher. The two other characters leaves the list without much combat punch and the loss of either of them early would hamper the army greatly.


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