Thursday, 13 January 2011

Moving the hobby along

 So, as I discussed in a previous post I am trying to advance my hobby a bit more.  This year I want to complete my Dwarfs and at least get started on my Space Wolves.  To help with this, I copied a great idea from Warpstone Pile.  I have not copied his format exactly, being as I don't want to use the painting or modelling points but I have found that it is a great idea overall.

I have seen this thing done before, but never something that the 'author' gave out freely.  It is useful for tracking your progress in various things, and you can change it to suit your needs.  As I have done.  This is interesting because I am very basic with Excel, but I have learnt some new stuff.  The only thing I cannot do is get the 'scores' to update from adding a W L D like you'll find in the linked spreadsheet.  Otherwise, I have kept the graphs, gaming and keeping track of what I have painted each month.  It is interesting to see how well this goes and just how well I am doing with a) painting and b) gaming.  So far I have a single game on here, a win for my orks against chaos space marines. And no minis done as yet.

In addition to this I have decided that I need to work towards a goal with my Dwarfs and Wolves, so am going to create an army list to follow.  To help with the Dwarfs I have again played about with excel and created a worksheet to help me calculate the percentages of each 'grouping' as well as my total and points left.  Seems useful, and hopefully I will have a dwarf list planned out by the weekend; along with a wolf list.  These are just to give me something to aim for so that I have a decent army to play with, and then to spread into other stuff.

Aside from that, I am close to finishing Mannfred.  He should be done by Monday/Tuesday, I have just his horse which is a charcoal grey with dark metallic armour, and his base to finish off and he can be sent off.  The gaming group I attend is considering a small campaign using the Planetary Empires kit, which as it is mine, I shall be running.  I am looking forward to this, it is going to be very basic but should be fun. 

Also, I am trying to come up with good plans for The Trading Post.  This includes at the moment a weekly top 5-15 Fantasy posts I can find.  Alas, the week I plan this seems to be rather empty of them. :(  If you see any good ones, email me and let me know.


  1. That seems impressively organised. It looks a little bit too much like doing proper work - accounting for your time, listing what you've done etc.

    On the other hand, I should probably do the same myself since I have an outrageous number of unpainted miniatures lying about waiting for some love (in paint form).

  2. Thanks. It does seem like a little bit of work, however I find I work better when I have an aim or goal to work towards. It helps to focus me and keep me working on what I need to be. The other stuff is just so I can track my progress, mainly out of interest really.

    haha, who doesn't? -__^

  3. Sounds good so far! How long do you figure it will take you to plow through your last few dwarves?

  4. Bard - Hm, not sure. A while I think. I still have some stuff to do. I have written a list to aim for.


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