Sunday, 19 July 2009

Possessed Warband

I have begun work on these, doing some converting and all. Now, I was looking at a friend's Necromundagroup, he had used the flagellant minis from the Empire set. A very interesting set that, I just had to get me some myself. I enjoyed them so much that I ended up ditching the metal minis and instead converting from plastic my entire warband! All I have left to do is the possessed. Currently my band looks like so:

magister - axe, bow
possessed - extra arm mutation
mutant - extra arm mutation, 2x hammer, axe
mutant - stinger tail mutation, 2x hammer

3x brethren - mace, axe
1x brethren - mace, axe
2x brethren - spear
1x beastman - mace, axe

I tend to have terrible luck when it comes to rolling for my henchmen injuries, always seeming to roll a 1 or 2 at least twice a game. =/ Anyway, there are also photos in this: Mordheim album.

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