Saturday, 25 July 2009

Ork Objectives

So, the maximum number of objectives in a game is five (D3+2), so I have decided to make a few extra things for my orks - namely, five objectives.

The first one, and it might be hard to see these but its a minefield. I removed the handles from the tankbuster bombs and stuck a couple to the base, one I cut at a forty-five degree angle and then did something similar with a rokkit - to make it seem all well...orky.

Next up is a trophy 'rack' or pile. Using the damaged helmets from GWs 40k basing kit and then a few ork skulls I have made a pile. And the thing I thought about is that I can add more with the wins I get. The sign in the middle is made from a shaped piece of plasticard I got in a set from GForce9, a piece of plasticard was added to the front to make a sign.

The final one I found the idea amusing, so had to make it. Its basically going to be target practice, and as you can see the orks are not doing too well. I have included a rokkit that missed target and embedded at the foot of it.

I have two more, but am unsure of what. I had the idea of a pile of shootas, but none of them come with handles (all have hands attached) it would look odd. Same goes for sluggas. The other idea I had was an grot holding a white sign/flag but its back would be strapped to kingdom come with explosives.

Any ideas?

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