Tuesday, 21 July 2009

My work space

I thought I'd share where I paint. I have an extensive workplace, lucky me. I'll start with the base. A lot of things can be used for this many use newspaper or cardboard, I use wood. It was originally this:

The paint station from Games Workshop. For many years I had it set like this with the support parts for the water pots and paint brushes. It also doubled as my cutting board and it was used to wipe excess paint off stuff (you'll see in a moment), but recently I got annoyed with it. It kept holding bits at the back of the board, so in a fit of destructiveness I tore this top bit off and this is what I ended up with:

As you can see I flipped it over and used the fresh side. It gets some serious wear and tear. In addition to this I have three holders for my paints and tools, these are from CNC Workshop and are very useful, each of the paint holders can manage about six pots of paint - including those from GW and Vallejo.

For lighting I have a flexible lamp with a daylight bulb, this allows me to paint when there is no decent sunshine, and the white box is my stay wet palette - a sponge soaked in water with a bit of greaseproof paper on top of it. This allows for the paint to remain damp and dries a lot slower.

So, this is basically my entire setup, where I paint and model. I have various products I use when painting and modelling, as to be expected - many kinds of glue, tools and paint.


  1. do you have any other links for paint racks? it looks like that website is out of stock! Thanks for the info on your painting station!

  2. Unfortunately I don't, that is the only one I know of. Sorry.


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