Sunday, 19 July 2009


Is something I fear I suffer from. I am always forgetting to update my little piece of the internet. I'll try and keep on top of this.

As you can imagine, for those in UK educations, uni has finished for the year, which means that the Mordheim campaign is on hold until the new term. Hopefully it'll return with renewed vigour. This summer holiday has given me chance to paint, and paint and paint. I'm using it to get at stuff, random minis or long term projects etc. Talking of projects...

I have a few new ones planned. The first one would be... BLOOD BOWL! I have always been curious about this game, played a couple of matches against another novice and loved it (we drew both). So, I have decided to start a Blood Bowl team. I actually happen to have a team already, a dwarf one with a star player as well. But, as with Mordheim, I find myself wanting to try something different. So, I have chosen Orcs as my team. Look out for blog entries dealing with my greenskined players.

Painting wise, I am once again running a LOCs project. A long story cut short, this is a group of painters off a forum painting and selling miniatures for a charity. This time, I have convinced at least eight painters! And the miniatures are fantasy ones, again, a future blog post for me.

My orks are finished! At least to the degree in which I needed them to be. Now, after a short break I'll be expanding the army to include many other options. I realised that I want a huge ork army, and one that has enough elements that it could be played in various different forms. This will take time and money. One of them I have, for the moment. In addition, a rumour I knew of already has broken. The Space Wolves are coming! And I want to be part of that. I have always loved the Wolves but oddly enough never owned an army of them. So that'll be my second 40k army. A wolf army.

I also plan to, at some point, repaint my dwarf army to a better and higher standard. The colours I am toying with at the moment is red and charcoal grey. I'll have to have a play around, but I like them. This army will be done at a slow pace, ironically, as I want them to look good.

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