Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Display time!

I have finally got my display cabinet sorted!  It has only been about three months, but finally I can get the dwarfs out for display.  This is all the dwarfs I have painted and based for the new look dwarf army.  I have also put on the top shelf the random minis I have painted and have with me (there are still some at the parents or need some repainting).

The top shelf is full of random minis, some I have painted for contest others just for fun and practice.  The group on the far right that you can't really see is the Possessed Mordheim gang I painted some time a go now.  The left hand side are all the dwarf minis that I have painted to a decent degree - I have plenty of other random ones to go up yet!

A nice close up of the centre here.  Yes, that marine (a Howling Griffon) has lost his hand.  It was originally holding a combat shield, just awaiting a freehand symbol of a Griffon - like his shoulder pad. I wasn't brave enough to freehand at all really then.

The necron is what I received last year as a secret santa project I hold each year on  We're in the process of this now, so more on that later.  The Chaplain is from my original space marine chapter, the Scions of Ra.  He has a freehanded symbol on his shoulder but my proudest part about him, is that I managed to lay some greenstuff over his eye to make it looked raked.  And next to him is Grimgor Ironhide.

Some minis I am very pleased to have on display once again.  Dwarfs.  I do love painting these guys.  I also like having a sort of evolution of sorts.  You'll see here, two Bugman's.  I am missing the old one, which I have somewhere ready for a repaint (though I recently sold off his rangers) and the newer one from WHW.

There is also the old White Dwarf model.  Once again I have more of these (one of this model still in the packet), including the old 80s version and the limited edition White Dwarf on Shieldbearers (who are Gotrek and Bugman).  I also have two versions of Gotrek and Felix to be repainted, a number of the older dwarf special characters (actually, I think I own all of them from the 5th edition book, and the 6th except for Thorgrim - I have the old version of him t my parents).

And now, my dwarf army.  I apparently misjudged just how many dwarfs I have for this army.  There are 3 20 strong units with great weapons, plus another 18.  One unit of 20 with hand weapons.  20 quarrellers, 10 thunderers and 20 metal longbeards.  Two war machines (stone thrower converted into a mortar) and five heroes.  In all, a good haul!

That said, I still have in my cases 20 Ironbreakers, 30 slayers and 20 old metal miners.  Still more to go!  :D

Right.  Secret Santa.  It works exactly the same as it normally does, but with miniatures.  I have run this for the past three or four years now, and have had a whale of a time doing it.  Even though I am sure I've only received a single mini.  Last year I painted up Mannfred Von Carstein - one of my favourite vampire minis (I HATE the new 'bald' version.  Stupid looking bastard.).  This time around I have once again gone down the undead route (I have no idea why...) and going for a converted necromancer.  I haven't gotten pictures, as he is in pieces for ease of painting, but hopefully soon.

He is based off of the empire wizard plastic kit, with a skull topped staff and a grimoire.  The base I am thinking of having a grave stone, or a dead body/ skeleton breaking though the ground.  Or him being up on a rock.  Not sure yet.

After this guy I think I'm going to restart my 40k ork army.  I have plenty of spare bitz lying about.  I am hoping to convert them more and possibly going for a burnt orange scheme rather than the turquoise.  I might keep the latter and just add the new ones on as a new 'tribe' or something similar.  So look out for a test ork in the new year.


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