Thursday, 14 July 2011

[FANTASY] A Dwarfs Tale: Longbeards Completed

Finally after what seems ages I have managed to finished off the Longbeard unit for my revamped army.

Overall I am happy with the unit, they were a little rushed here and there (trying to get them finished for the end of the month) but overall the unit looks good.  I originally wanted to do the beards all going from browns and greys to white, but I like the difference the blonde and grey have on the unit.
The first thing I'd like to point out is the standard bearer conversion.  For those who know, he is one of two semi-rare dwarf models.  Two versions of him exist, with a few slight changes [one has a different banner and a comb over].  I'm not a fan of the original unit standard, so I put this BSB model in, cut down his banner pole, added a cloth banner and the top from the metal longbeard standard. 

I also tried a little bit of freehand on the unit.  You will see in the next picture the freehanded banner, I want the icon on each unit type to sort of match so the longbeards have an 'ancestor face' on their banner.  It is based off of an image in the header of the dwarf army book, I feel it looks pretty good but could be better but hopefully that will just come though time and practice.

The other freehand is on the shields.  Instead of doing my usual thing and having the army image (a mountain pierced by a spear), I went with two images which mean something along the lines of 'shrine' and 'ancient one' or 'longbeard'.  Again I think they turned out pretty well, but with some practice they'd look even better.

It will however seem that I am going to fail in my plan to complete my dwarf list for the LO Meet.  The Hammerers aside, I will not have time for an organ gun (tomorrow until Wednesday I'll be in Leeds for my girl friend's uni graduation from Sheffield, then the weekend some friends are staying over and the following weekend is the meet!), which means I am going to concentrate on the Dwarf King instead.  I already have an organ gun I can use as a stand in. 


  1. I think the unit looks awesome. The freehand is very good, especially since you are just starting out. I hope my freehand looks that good when I finally get the nerve to try it out!

  2. Seconded. This is hands down one of the snazziest dwarf units Ive ever seen. However, the helms really are not working for some reason. When compared to the richness and depth of the skin and beards, the bronze seems lifeless and flat. If you could wash it and give it a level or two of highlights itd look really good.

  3. Kuffeh, they look Great! I love the non traditional metalics. Some dwarven armies all you see is chainmail. The freehand is shnazzy too! Can't wait for whats next...what is next anyway?

  4. Thanks a lot guys.

    Sean - The bronze looks that way because I do a very heavy wash of Devlan Mud to age it. Unfortunately this can also mean that it washes out some highlights and colour, I think this I need to look at again.

    Black Bard - Nothing for a short while. With moving and settling in again soon I won't be painting for a short while. I aim to start a rotation of my armies, as well as painting up some stuff to be sold off. So, watch this space!

  5. Really like this unit, my favorite is the standard bearer, great job on the banner (wished I have that old spec. ed BSB model)

    1. Thanks Johan. The banner I really liked, it's not perfect but I'm still getting use to freehand. I have both versions of that BSB, subtle variations but quite cool. I do like him quite a bit.


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