Thursday, 20 December 2012

Boardgames - I LOVE THEM!

My dream one day...
This isn't something that I have chatted on extensively on my blog, it has usually been exclusively for my miniature gaming hobby (or in my case, painting).  However, I am a HUGE boardgaming fan.  I love boardgames, in many cases if offered play one with my friends or doing almost anything else, the games win it each time.

I wasn't always a huge fan, until university I never played them with my family.  Then one year, just after Christmas a housemate turned up with one of my favourite games (even though it hates me*), Talisman.  I think it is one of those games many older GW gamers will be familiar with.  The newer version, produced by Fantasy Flight, is great and keeps getting more expansions each year.  And gets mental.  After this, the boardgame bug sunk its teeth into me.  I started with basic games which everyone can enjoy - Articulate, Trivial Pursuit and Risk.  

Since leaving uni, I have begun to gather games.  Since moving to Leeds I have tripled my gaming collection, much to the love of my dear fiancée.  One of the reasons being my soon-to-be father-in-law is also a huge board gaming fan.  He even runs a gaming group that meets weekly in Leeds to play.  Then there is the near weekly gaming at his house with the family.  In all - lots of gaming.  The only problem I have is, they don't play the games I really want to play.  Personally I love Munchkin, and need to play more of the games I own before I can "safely"** buy more.

It's not only these things that has gotten me really wanting to play board games, there is also a awesome youtube channel that started up earlier this year.  Under the group of Geek and Sundry, the channel is Tabletop.  In this, Will Wheaton plays a selection of boardgames with people from the world of geekery.  Not only has this show given me a great number of games I want to own, but I also have a little man crush on Will Wheaton.  No idea what it is, but the man is awesome.

So, now you know my brief history with board gaming and coming into it.  I briefly wanted to chat about why I love them.  The kind of game I enjoy playing do tend to get labelled as being Geeky games, probably because of the topic but also due to them complexity (or perceived complexity).  Not that I mind this.  Now, I know I have rambled about me and my history with boardgames but now I'm going to ramble some more.

My own current collection
I think perhaps my biggest love of boardgames is the social aspect.  Playing games with a bunch of friends is very sociable, you get to hang out with friends and win at shit.  How is that no sociable?  As I mentioned above, I play with my fiancée's family more than anything else  and it's great.  It is also a great way to get to know someone - and when it's a game between friends, then it is usually a nice relaxed atmosphere   Unless you're playing Munchkin.  Then it's each player for themselves.

In addition to this, it's a cheap night.  Rather than going out and paying prices for drinks, you crash round someone's house for a few hours and all it'll cost you is a few snacks and some drink.  Sorted!  And some games get very fun when everyone is a little inebriated. ;)  Admittedly you have to have the right group and not get smashed while playing unless everyone else is.

Nurgle's favourite game
I love games, lots of them and I'll briefly cover my favourite few...

7wonders.  A wonderful game, with simple to understand rules.  Anyone can quickly jump into a game and pick it up, it also has lots of different strategies for victory.  Has yet to loose it's interest.

Pandemic.  A co-op game where you will never win unless you actually do work together.  I've had a number of games, and so far have only won three times.  And that is on the easy setting.  :O

Talisman.  A loooooong game, can easily take a good three hours (minimum) but is loads of fun.  A favourite among old GW gamers and myself.  I will win.  Does take a lot of room also, if you have the expansions.  All of them.  Getting there!
Backstabbing in action!

Munchkin.  A great game where everyone just wants a bit of fun.  It can take a long time to win with groups just screwing each other over, but at the same time can be mental and loads of fun.

So, those are my choices out of the games I have played/owned.  I have others but am yet to play them more than once but they do seem like loads of fun.  I just need more people to play with in Leeds!

* Every time I play, I die without fail at least twice.
** Safely in that the missus won't hang me for it.


  1. Be sure to check out these fellows Kuffeh!

    I too love boardgames!!

  2. Wow, that's a lot of board games. How do you remember how to play them all? I'm also a fan of Pandemic and Munchkin, though my preference is for tabletop games.

  3. It's not that many! I NEED MORE!!

    Once you get into it, many games have similar mechanics but as I don't own THAT many, I don't difficulty playing without having the check the rules.

    I love tabletop gaming, but do find board gaming is more open to others and is a cheaper alternative. It's also quicker and easier, fast set up and it all comes in one box.


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