Friday, 30 April 2010

Salamander Apothecary - Complete

OK, well he's done.  Overall I am really liking him.  I happy with most of the painting, especially the chapter icon.  Its one of my better pieces of freehand so far.  I did however HATE painting his base, and so I am not fully happy with how it looks.  My first attempt at lava bases and its OK, but I think I should have used another rock of something to give it something to flow around.  But that wasn't the main problem.  That was indeed Vallejo paints.  Or more specifically the Game Colour range of reds.  There are [u]terrible[/u]!  The "Red Gore" dried PINK!  The "Blood Red" is about two tones higher than it should be and is really bright.  So, I struggled.  Overall I am not that happy with the base, its OK but not good.  Luckily he's only pinned on, so I can try again another time.


  1. Did you reading the Salamander Book have anything to do with the choice of this figure per chance?

  2. He looks great mate, and I think the base is pretty damn good - the lava sourced lighting works well, and the rock texture looks good - you should be well pleased with it.

    The red does look a bit pink, but nothing to detract from the model. I'm not suggesting experimenting now (because he looks fine as is), but would maybe a wash of Gryphonne Sepia or Devlan mud tone the pinkishness down a bit?

    Great job though, big thumbs up from me!

  3. He's looking very great - white on black freehanding is no easy feat, but you've nailed it.

    And personally I think the base is awesome, I wouldn't change it at all!

    The only thing I think you could do, would be to water down Scorched Brown, and use it as a wash over the eaglewings - in my experience, it gives a very nice shading effect of gold. Or give it a try on another model, warmly recommended.

    How's your work with the Warrior Priest going, any progress there? I'm really looking forward to seeing what you plan on doing with that model!

  4. Lokks great mate - I like the contrasting colours - particularly the white on the miniature and how this is offset with the volcanic base. Great work sir!

  5. Wow, very nice job indeed! This deserves a hearty George Takei, "Ohhh my!"

  6. Wow! Thanks for the comments guys!

    Jcroxford - It did yes. I really fancied making a Salamander after that and then I saw the cool looking split scheme and was sold.

    Andy - Thanks. It might have done. I did wash it with Baal Red, and it sort of worked. I now know not to use their red range though.

    noeste - Thanks! I might have a look at the chest eagle again, but overall it looks OK. The photo just doesn't pick it up that well.

    I haven't been working on him recently, so he's not changed. I am going to change his gloves as I don't like the colour I've used. After that, its onto the part that could make or break him. The freehand!

    Jabberjabber - Thanks a lot. =)

    Gyro - heh, thanks a bunch.

  7. The Apothecary came out great. Absolutely love it! Great job on the free-hand, and the lava base. Very nice.

    @Gyro: LOL

  8. It looks very good, and, in my view, the base looks good too. I don't understand why half of him is red though?

  9. Hey, thanks. The red half is based off of this little bit of fluff I found:

    "The Salamanders only major deviation from the text of the Index Astartes arises with their Medics, who paint their left arm and the left hand side of their helmet red. This stems from a single Medic's gesture of respsect to his fallen Brothers in the Chapter's early history - he used his left arm to hold his carnifex and painted his arm red to hide the blood that he refused to wash off. The practice was quicly adopted by the whole Chapter. "

    That is from this thread at B&C:

  10. Ah, that makes some sense, thanks. Though, 'carnifex' is a typo, I imagine...unless he has a pet. ;)

  11. The King Elessar - Yeah, I gathered that as well.

    Oni - Thanks a lot. =)

  12. It's not a typo, and it was written several years before the tyranid carnifex was created.


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