Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Empire Warrior Priest - Part II

So.  Between dissertation work (ONE MONTH LEFT!!) and other stuff, I have managed to get a small amount of painting done.  Yesterday I picked the Warrior Priest up once more and I worked on his armour.  I think it looked good.  It was multiple washes which was then layered over with lots of really thin layers of metallics.  It gave it a really good aged look to it.  I liked it.  Then, today I decided to give it another look.  I wanted to give the impression of dents and cracks in the armour - that is what those black lines are.  Or were suppose to be.  I might have to repaint the armour, as I think they spoil it. :S 

The other thing I noticed is that I really need to get better at blending.  I just can't get it quite right a lot of the time.  My layers are too far apart to blend well. So that is something else I really need to work on, especially if I want to get better.

Oh yeah, the leather on him is just basecoated and washed.  Plenty more work to do on them.



  1. Damn thats good - the work on the face is fantastic.

  2. I think it looks good, I wouldn't change the metallics at all :)

  3. He's looking really great, Kuffeh! Your painting-abilities seems to have grown as the mini's progressed, and that's wonderful to watch!

    Now, if I may, I'd like to come with some critisism, not 'ocs your mini is painted bad, but because I think you can improve yourself even further. Hope you don't mind!

    First of all, his pupils are much too small, and while I think that Warrior Priests should have sort of a "wild and crazy" facial expression, with plenty of white showing in their eyes, your priest's a bit over the top. Yes, eyes are a bitch to paint, but it means so much for the model as a whole, if you can only get it right. So please give it a try.

    The rest of his face looks great however, the stubble is a great touch often forgotten.

    I think you're right on track when it comes to the metallics, it's looking really great! And from what I can see, your blending looks very well, as is the highlights offering contrast. But, I do follow you when you write that the black lines you added today, might have damaged it.. As I see it, the problem lies in that you've done it too much; the few nicks on the thigh-plate and lower rim of the breast-plate looks good, but the lines running across his breast-plate, sort of interrupts the very nicely shaded/blended metallics you've painted. So I'd say, redo the breastplate, keep the small lines at the lower part of his armour. It'd also give the armour some better continuity if you'd try to give his shoulderplates a bit more of the nice and subtle brown tint his lower armour got.

    Love the red of his robe, you might want to give the edges a very thin edge-highlight - tried mixing your red with Bronzed Flesh or Vomit Brown? Give it a try, but keep the lines thin!

    To not melt away and get lost in between the white metal and his stubble, I'd suggest you make the fur of his cloak a bit more black, I think it looks too grey now. Either that, or make the contrasts between shade and high-points in the fur much sharper. At the moment it looks a bit flat in my opinion
    Alternativly, you could try making the fur brown, sort of a connection between the leather on his front,

    Speaking of the cloak, I hope what I see is the start of black cloak, with some vibrant red freehand it'll be the cherry on top!

    And that's all I can think of at the moment - you did ask for our thoughts, and I hope I wasn't too blunt. It really is a great job you've done so far! Keep practising your blending, after all practise is the only way to better oneself.

  4. Looking good mate. Its been far tooooo long since we've talked mate. Ah miss you :( *cling*

  5. Yea this guy is top notch...really.

    Makes me want to play some fantasy...

  6. John - Thanks a lot. I'm glad you like him. I am quite happy/proud of the face.

    Trollhoer - Thanks.

    Noeste - Thanks for the comments, appreciate the honesty. I have looked at what you have said, and have repainted the chest plate for one. The eyes I gave it a go, but struggled, so them I am leaving alone for now. I will take the rest into account.

    Toastee - Indeed it has. Come to the MEET! =D

    CanolliCrusader - Thanks a lot!


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