Saturday, 3 April 2010

Empire Warrior Priest - Part I

A new mini has begun!  I have had this warrior priest sat in a box for a long time, and I wanted to paint a mini to be sold on ebay.  This guy fits the bill.  I started off with some fixing of the hands, I have pinned them and green stuffed the join.  The shield is made from plasticard, carved to look like a shield - I think I'll try freehanding something chaotic on it.

The priest himself, I am painting his main robes red along with the generic priest of Sigmar look.  The face is finished, and I am relatively happy with the look of his face.  However, I found his left eye a pain to paint and thus is looks odd.  I also went for the 'stubbled' look on the head/crown.  I am not fully happy with the stubble on the head, it bugs me it doesn't look that good.

The other parts of the mini are just blocked in.  The metal is basecoated and washed with Badab Black.  The red is just basecoated; mechrite red and dark flesh.  This is all I have done so far.

I am wondering what colour to do the cloak.  I have considered red, but I didn't want to do too much red.  And I most likely going to attempt some freehand on the back of it, perhaps a large hammer but I am unsure.

Front View

 Rear View
Close up on the face

The Base


  1. Looking good mate! The face looks nice, and I share your pain when it comes to eyes, I'm still struggling with them.

    Are you going for a clean look on the metal work, or dark and dirty/weathered?

  2. Ditto Andy's comments - really nice clean look on the face. With the stubble, I think it's because its all so flat looking that it looks odd. Natural hair (and model wise just look at your dwarfs) have multiple layers of colour depending on lightng etc - the stubble look makes this hard to achieve.

    Eyes are a real bugger - its taken me 12 years to start dotting them. I am considering reversing the painting process and doing the eyes first and then building the face around that.

  3. a purple cloack will be good i guess, ot maybe a green one... but its your call, very nice so far im not a very good painter nor modeler, but i find very funny all that mini's stuff!!

  4. I was going to suggest a purple cloak too. An Empire Priest would have access to that sort of royal colour I think.

    The skin is spot on I think, as is the stubble to my eye, at least I can't think of anything to improve it.

    I've never yet sold a mini on ebay, would you expect to make a profit above the purchase price of the mini say?

    Also like the new blog background. Suited to your blog!

  5. Andy - Thanks. I will be going for a dirtied look overall, so his armour and clothing will be weathered slightly.

    Pom - Yeah, I guess. It is the first time I have attempted stubble, and it's not terrible, I just need practice. I know a lot do the eyes first, then paint the skin. I might have to try that myself.

    Pancho - I will have a look at a purple or green one, thanks. I'm not a very good modeller, painting is more my thing and it has taken me years to get here. Keep at it! Funny how?

    Vinny - Thanks. :D I have only sold the LOCS minis on ebay and they were for charity, so it doesn't really count. It is kind why I am going to sell him, out of curiosity as to how much I could get from the odd mini here and there. I'd like to make a profit.



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