Tuesday, 27 April 2010

A 40k n00b - Wound Allocation... eh?

Now, please forgive but I am not much of a gamer.  In general I have a decent grasp of the rules, but some stuff slips through my fingers.  Wound Allocation is such one rule.  I was hoping you kind folk of the interwebs could enlighten my mind.  And to help me, lets use an example...

I have a ten man generic space marine tactical squad.  It includes one sergeant with a power weapon, one marine with a flamer, another with a missile launcher and the rest are all armed with boltguns.

The unit suffers 12 wounds.

How would you allocate these?

Does everyone have to take one wound each, then the two remaining placed one any you choose?  Or can you pile them all onto a couple of guys?  What is the advantage of arming them all different ways?  Is it the owning player that allocates wounds, or does your opponent have a say in who he'd like to attack?  Is it done the same in combat as well as view shooting?

Thanks guys!


  1. -) each model takes 1 wound until the number of wounds left is less than the models..
    -) place the overflow wounds on any of the models.
    -) take the models wounds based off their grouping. (those equiped the same) and roll all the wounds at once for that group.

    N) The types of wounds don't matter so you can stack all the rending attacks on one model.
    N) The owning player places the wounds.
    N) 2 wound models are the same but after you roll your saves you must remove complete models in that group.

  2. Well said mathhammer. Beat me to the punch.

    Wound allocation is tricky. I'm fortunate enough that the guys at my FLGS were able to break it down barney style for me. It really didn't click with me till just last week. :O

  3. mathhammer has the right of it. Though for that first comment I would say that each model is allocated a wound. "Takes a wound" is often synonymous with a failed armour save. The allocation of wounds is before any armour saves are rolled.

    Yes, the allocation is the same in close-combat and shooting.

    Taking your Marine example, you'd allocate 1 wound to every guy in the squad. Then the extra 2 can be placed per preference. Typically this will be the Bolter Marines, as they're your rank & file.
    So the Sergeant, Flamer and Missile Launcher would each be allocated one wound, making a failed save at 33% each. The 7 Bolter Marines would take 9 saves, making it a 43% average chance each.

    Where allocation gets tricky is when attacks ignore armour. Say you've taken 2x AP2 shots and 10 AP5. You can stack both the AP2 shots onto the Missile Launcher guy, guaranteeing that he'll die but limiting the overall numbers of auto-failed saves.

    Make more sense now?

  4. One small addition to mathhammer's excellent summary: you can place the last two remaining wounds on any _two_ models; you still must, as much as possible, place the wounds evenly. It would not be possible, then, to end up with one wound on each model except for, say, the Sarge, who had three.

  5. OK. I think I understand. Thanks guys, it might take a few games for me to fully understand but this helped.



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