Saturday, 19 May 2012

Man at work...

Just a little post to show I am still about....

So yeah, I am indeed still here and painting.  Although today is the first time I got chance all week.  You see my girlfriend is doing a Masters at Leeds University and there are times she needs a nice stable place to sit and have paperwork all over to do some work.  My desk is the only place at home she can do that.  No desk means no painting.  Her exams are coming up/been happening so she has needed it a lot. This has led to me not being sat at my desk a lot for the last week or two.

I did however get chance today to get some painting done, and last weekend.  I have eight near complete dwarf warriors sat on my desk, and I hope to get them finished off tomorrow.  Just a few minor things to do to them.  I still can't get my silver metallics right though, they blend together too much, with little contrast.  Would be awesome on anything else if it wasn't silver metal.  I have a few minor conversions to do through the unit and a unit filler I still haven't decided on, but otherwise the unit just needs painting.  I should have just enough time to get these (a thirty man unit) done and the other eight quarrellers finished to top off my army.  I have everything painted except hammerers.  This will all be ready for the forum meet I am organising at WHW in August.

I also brought back with me a whole shoebox of minis I would like to sell.  These are actually a lot of old metal dwarf minis and eldar.  I am not a fan of the old metal minis, some I am, others not so much but just need to find the time to get in the mood to post about selling them and perhaps at some point paint a couple of minis to sell on ebay for monies.  A bit like my only personal success the dwarf Blood Bowl team I sold a few years back. 

Now, I admit it is not only the girlfriend keeping me away from painting.  I have recently gotten back into World of Warcraft (WoW) a lot all of a sudden.  I have a slightly odd relationship with this, and other, computer games.  My interest ebbs and flows with them.  I do love playing games, and will continue as I am a big ol' geek, I struggle to find time.  I constantly start something, a TV series or game and kind of cut it off part way.  For example, I searched for ages to find the X-Box 360 version of the Lego Star Wars Complete Saga only to get part the way through it (got to film four or five on the first run) and haven't played on it for a very long time.  I still have Assassins Creed: Brotherhood to play and to even buy Revelations.  I just haven't wanted to play on the X-Box at all.  But WoW?  I keep coming back to it.

It has the whole fantasy element to it but have done well to make it very much their own brand, rather than a blatant rip off of Tolkien.  I keeps me coming back because for me I love fantasy (I have even seen the dreadful Dungeon and Dragon films, both.  More than once.)  I love the magic aspect - flinging them at monsters (ironic for a dwarf player perhaps...) and the swords/axes.  I love it all.  And I have found WoW does it really well.  Feel free to look me up on there if you play. :)

Oh and thanks to all those people who have done a #FF on twitter for me the last couple of Fridays.  It is awesome to see people liking the stuff I put out.  I apologise for not doing it back, I always receive the message at work and forget by the time I get home (still am yet to get a smart phone).  But thanks all the same am I will do something this Friday with my favourite twitter users.  It's a service I don't use much, but would love to.  I don't play many games, and despite me making a big deal about it on the Leeds Night Owls forums I am yet to even attempt to get a game in or integrate myself into the group.  I am not a very people friendly person, it can take me a while to make friends.  We are as of yet unsure if we're staying in Leeds come September or moving to Sheffield or elsewhere.  This has kind of stopped me from wanting to go and laziness.  It is a shame, because I would love to find some guys/gals to play Talisman, Munchkin, Pandemic and 7 Wonders with on a regular basis.

Anyway... that was a lot of balls about my life at the moment, if you read it, thanks!  And here is a picture below I find amusing as an reward, and hopefully next time I'll have painted miniatures also.

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