Saturday, 5 May 2012

Warriors Complete

Finally done, a whole thirty man unit of great weapon armed dwarfs.  One unit down...

It has been a few days since I painted something and these guys where almost done.  A few touches and they were complete.  This is the completed 30 man unit, with their unit filler.  In other news I was given a free battleforce, some of the models have seen better days but otherwise they look great.

So, with some of the other models I have I have enough to make another unit of 30 warriors and finish the 20 quarrellers I have planned.  With this I have the models needed for my planned dwarf army.  It should be done for the LO Meet in August without too much hassle.  :D

You can see here the unit filler for the unit, the pack horse for the clansdwarfs.

There are also some little conversion work in the unit, mostly dwarfs holding axes in different positions.  Minimal work but they stand out a little bit more and make the unit look a little bit more interesting, and less one dimensional in their poses.

And the new eight dwarfs added to the army.  I have made the cobblestone on the bases thinner, as I realised it was taking up too much material and doesn't need it for my purpose.

I also need to sort out the wood grain, as it just looking like lines at the moment, something I wish to try and change.

I am also always finding new colours and tones to make work for beards.  Some work, some don't.  There is also the base, someone has pointed out recently that they could do with something extra to make it more interesting and less bland.

So next up... more warriors.



    Looking good. Keep it up!

  2. Mate they look really earthy and grimy (good grimy that is) you should be stoked. I haven't painted for a few weeks now, I'm itching to get cracking again. Moved flat the other day and am only just in the process of getting to my painting station now. Can't wait to get more stumpy action on the go!

  3. Cheers guys. Yes, more warriors. I am sorting out arms and such today. Should be painting my the end of the week.

    @Lifeless - Yeah, I remember reading you had moved. Well done and look forward to seeing more stuff in the near future.

  4. They look great! As mentioned, dark and grim, and wonderful! I also love the eyes. You managed to add that extra little touch to make them pop even more! Great work!

  5. Cheers Black Bard. :) I just need to get the motivation to paint again. I am sinking a lot of time into WOW once more. Hopefully this weekend I'll get some painting done.


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