Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Snikrot nearing completion

Further work on my count as Snikrot.  The painting is done, just need the base...

And so he in finished.  Well, sans base.  I have added a few things, since as the blood on the blades kind of on a whim.  I feel much better about his looks now, though I think the blood might be a bit much now.  The only thing I have to sort out now is his base.  I have been on the look for some desert grass, kind of pale green or yellow but I have struggled to find any in Leeds (though I have not been to Hobbycraft, as I don't know how to get there).  I checked out the GW one briefly, but it didn't look right.  Any ideas?  Anyway, here he is..


  1. Very nice indeed Adam.

    Great to see you back painting Orks? I might have missed it buy why the conversion and not the acutally mini?

  2. Cheers Vinny. A number of reasons, one being he won't actually be Snikrot but my own hero. And the cost.

  3. I love it. how about a tute on your blood recipe?
    peace 11th Legion.

  4. @Cortez - I did one a while a go;


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