Friday, 9 March 2012

Basing help

I haven't gotten around to starting Snikrot and the kommandos yet, Snikrot will be done first as I want him to stand out - though, 25 or 40mm base for him? With this in mind and and needing help on the basing.  As you might have guessed I am going for an arid desert themed basing scheme, the problem I have is that the static grass I own is for the more wet and living look.

I have had a look at the GW stuff, not really up close though, but I don't think it suits my needs.  I need a sort of static grass that looks like it might belong in a desert.  So pale in colour, maybe kinda tall (looking knee hight on a mini) and fits the desert theme.  Any ideas?


  1. Im not usually a great fan of grass on bases, but gw do do a burnt/dry grass one. If that doesnt suit your hobbycraft in leeds centre have some model train flock - if its not on the shelf they can order it

  2. I saw that on the website, but when I went in it didn't look right. That said I didn't get chance for a close up view.

    Where is it in Leeds? That might be useful to visit. Also, does the hobby centre in the merrion centre have anything like that? I have been told one exists there.

  3. Thats the one I mean. Its aparently moving, but it should be near the works in the merrion centre

  4. I've used a low tech approach for such needs; hemp twine. I trim it to desired length paint and glue as desired.


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