Friday, 2 March 2012

Kommandos WIP

So, I have been working on 6 Kommandos, including Snikrot and here is what I have come up with.  I am mostly proud, and think they'll look better with paint and a base on them.

I have shrunk the images down, so for larger images click on them.

So, snikrot got a new backpack with more stuff and (because pretty much everyone suggested it) some goggles.  I am not done yet, they need some GS work to show they're being held on to his head.

The others all have similar faces as I wanted goggles and a more 'stealthy' feel to them.  I did try to give them a bit of different looks and feels which I hope to expand with the future addition of more models - something I think I'll need as 6 models might not be enough.

Two of them have burnas, so nothing to really show there. I didn't think of any other way to make them more interesting and looked like they could be moved quickly through dense ground.  I might make more for later squads, with a flamer more akin to the Space Marine flamer.  Something more compact and manoeuvrable would look good I feel.

 For my colour scheme I am looking more along the lines of doing these guys with a scheme that matches - almost - the bases.  So with a desert theme, see my deffkopta for more, they will be a lot of browns and light yellows.  And even then the scheme shall be a cammo pattern because these guys are sneaky.

I do need to sort stuff out for the bases, some sort of desert looking brush and bushes along with stones.


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