Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Kitbash Snikrot

After proxying a squad of kommandos I enjoyed the use of them, and of course snikrot was part of them.  I am a fan of doing this hobby on the cheap, and trying out some skills I decided to kitbash my own Snikrot.  Overall I am happy with him, I think he looks suitably brutal but also feel as though something is missing.  I can't spot it, so I am asking the intermawebs.  Any thoughts on what me might be missing?


  1. A paintjob? :)

  2. The official one has goggles no? Maybe your brain is remembering that as you look at the one you made. I am not sure it needs anything else other than paint though!

  3. A hat (green stuff beret?), a mask (since he is so spooky), or a headband (Rambo/Solid Snake).

    I'm digging the serrated choppas. Nice, simple touch to make the weapons stand out.

    Is Snikrot on a 25mm or 40mm base?

  4. @Rippy - Bah! You can talk!

    @Black Bard - Yeah, it does seem to approve his look since I added some.

    @Gigawatts - I ended up adding a set of goggles. Yeah, the choppas were the simple idea but I agree they work well.


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