Sunday, 19 February 2012

Deffkopta nearing completion

So, I have been working on a model over the weekend.  I think I went a bit overboard with the wear and tear, the wings especially.  I know the pictures aren't very good, I just wanted some quick ones and once the base is complete I'll get better ones, so they'll have to do.


  1. Oh that looks great? Are they boarding planks from the trucks?

    Reminds me a little of the jet deffkopta's Mark Bedford had in White Dwarf ages ago.

  2. Super cool man, really like everything about this model. Gonna throw a shout out to ya on my Blog if ya don't mind.

  3. ok, that's just freaking awesome!!!!

  4. Vinny - Cheers. The wings are indeed boarding planks, they were perfect for my plans. :D

    @Warhammer In Progress - Thanks a lot. :D Not a problem, more views is great for me. And hopefully this blog will see more action in the coming months.

    @Da Masta Cheef - Thanks a lot. I wanted one that looked a little different than the stock standard deffkopta, and this came to mind.


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