Sunday, 5 February 2012

Necromunda Gang ptII

Managed to get a hold of a box of Empire Militia today and set about making the rest of my gang.  Overall I am rather happy with them, except for the pistol on the right hand juvie.  It just looks too much like a bolt pistol with some pipes on.  The other one is a cut down lasgun from an old guard kit.

You will also notice that I have gone with a bearded theme. ;)  One reason being it was only the decent heads I had to hand, and I like beards. :D  I am undecided on the bases and colours.  The bases I did consider doing a small pool of liquid with some industrial bits on the base.

Oh, and I have made a choice of ork bases (no pictures), going with a desert colour.


  1. They look cool, love the beards. Especially like the wild looking guy with the plasma rifle.
    Never played necromunda myself, I keep meaning to try it though!

  2. I forgot to reply to this, forgive my lapse in manners.

    Thanks a lot. I liked that guy RedCraig, he's my gang leader and wanted them to have a more de shrivelled look to them, the beards helped (and they're the few human heads I own).

  3. captain apocalypse26 April 2012 at 11:50

    woah! awesome conversions! Love the heads, that's exactly what I'm looking for my Catachan old dog veterans, are they from Empire free company?

  4. captain apoc - Yeah, some are from that kit. Otherwise, some are from the Empire Flaggalent boxed set. The heads have a great wild look about them.


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