Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Blowing the dust off...

Oh wow, it has been a while.  A long while since I touched this thing.  I could list multiple excuses and reasons but honestly, it's because I was lazy and didn't feel like painting.  I have started to game more (and having more boardgame fun too! :D )

On that note, I was about to open up this thread again.  I have painted two models!  YES, TWO!  First off we have the Empire Explorer that was painted for the Secret Santa.  It was a random model and one I wanted to be a bit different.  It was fun to paint, I chose quite bright colours as this guy is a nice proud fellow.

The second model I have been doing is an Ork.  I have been playing with them more often and the army I have doesn't work amazingly well and I have no flexibility.  I am slowly going to expand the army. (Here is a link to the army pictures if you need reminding: ).  The colour is almost the same, but I have added blue into the turquoise.  I might have to test more and make it bluer - the turquoise is quite strong.  The other thing I have done is play about with the skin.  I usually have gone for a darker green, this time I wanted to go brighter, to make the skin stand out.  The metallics I am not a fan of, I need practice with them.  I have never been very good painting them, so more practice required.  I tried to add a splash of colour to his gun and helmet, but went a bit OTT on the metal showing through.  Next time I'll pull that back it a bit, as I am planning on each squad getting a colour/pattern unique to them, thus making them easier to identify during games.

I haven't thought about the base much, I was considering an ash waste look or the quite typical urban one.  Not sure yet.  Ideas?

I am hoping to do another one later, to sort some stuff out - metallics for example.  Also, any ork bitz you kind folks have free will have a nice home. ;)


  1. Welcome back Kuffeh! I've been missing your updates (here and trading post), though I completely understand writing these things take sizeable chunks out of anyone's day.

    Really like the models you painted above, especially the explorer.

  2. Lovely to see some new posts Kuffy! Your true to your word!

    I love the explorer, strikes me as a perfect guy to work into a Marienburg Mordheim Warband. I don't see him as much as an explorer as a Merchant for some reason.

    As for the ork base, I'm planning to rebase all my ork stuff in a red ash waste scheme. Macharius Solar Orange followed by rust weathering powder and a drybrush of bleached bone. Simple and contrasts nicely with the green of the ork skin.

  3. @ReCraig

    Thanks, it has been a while. Glad to hear I was missed! The problem I have had is that I've not been playing enough (with either game) to provide interesting topics for people. So, it put down. I'd love to keep it going but without other people proping it up, it's not going to work. :(


    Indeed I am!

    I can see what you mean, he doesn't look very sea worthy, but perhaps that's how those seafarers where?

    That sounds quite nice, might have to try and prep some bases as a test. That one sound interesting.

    I am thinking of making the shirt a bit more blue, rather than turquoise. It was a bitch to try and photograph. And the blue will look better at a distance.


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