Sunday, 22 January 2012

Big Mek Conversion

So, this is the newest big mek to my army.  I liked the idea of giving him a blow torch, so I shortened a burner and gave him a special spanner.  The rest is just bitz and pieces from different ork kits, cut up and glued on.  I quite like it, I think it looks suitably orky and a huge mismatch.


  1. That looks really nice. Could you describe the parts that went into this? My long-neglected Orks are crying out for a Big Mek this good to lead them [to yet more shameful defeats].

    Separately, I'm delighted to see this wonderful blog back to activity.

  2. Hey, I am glad you like him. :) The parts are bits and pieces off the nobz sprue. The body, arm and the gun. The gun is a very cut down version of a kombi-skorcha. The back is a burna tank with a custom mega-blasta and the prod from a grot runt herder. the rest is just whatever looked good.


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