Saturday, 21 January 2012

Da Green Tide Takes to Da Skyz!

So a semi busy week, using what time I got at my desk I managed to put together another painted ork:

I am pretty happy, the blue hasn't turned out very well in these pictures (my camera hates turquoise colours O_o ).  Ignoring the skin I am pretty happy with the new look colour, he is a tad rough with the highlighting, I just wanted to get him painted.  I do like the colour of his trousers, and the red on the shoulder pad worked better this time.

And, I decided to get some conversions on deffkoptas done.  And... here we go, two.  Oh, and they don't have heads or arms as I'll attach them after painting.

The first isn't that heavily converted.I move the rotor blades back slightly as I wasn't a fan of the angle.  He also got a bunch of extra damage all over, and then a big ass buzzsaw.  I also now see no idea how he can land, but that's nothing orks care about.

Now, this one.  I went to town on.  I saw a conversion and wanted to make it work, so I made a plane.  Took loads of work and I was finding it hard to find bits for the engine, so it didn't look so boring and plain.  I think it worked out well.  I have to thank Mr Jones for the idea with the buzzsaw - or in this case a wrecking ball.  I think it works really quite well and am happy with them.

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