Sunday, 16 October 2011

BA Librarian Update

OK, I haven't done much painting recently - not had the bug to do so, might see this week.  I did however finally get around to taking some pictures of the completed BA librarian. 


  1. Force sword needs a little ummmph. The fade is well done, needs some electricity or something.

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  3. What's the Psychic Hood made from? :)

    It looks like a Shoulder Pad?

  4. Tristan - Yeah, I have had that comment elsewhere. I am not a huge fan of lightning effects on weapons.

    King Elessar - It is. I used the tutorial from 'From the Warp', works really well. :)

  5. Awesome, managed to dredge it up. Thanks, and again for the swift response! :D

  6. What kit did you get the right hand from?

  7. The flat hand? It's from the basic marine missile launcher hand, it goes flat against the launcher. I just repositioned it onto a straight arm.


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