Monday, 15 August 2011

Moving time...

As I have previously mentioned in a few weeks I shall be vacating the county of Kent (it's a mutual agreement) and moving back to the cold north.  That being Leeds, Yorkshire.  This weekend all but two weeks worth of clothing has been removed and gone to the girl friends house, the flat looks decisively bare.  Unfortunately this of course implies that all my miniatures have also been whisked off. :sadpanda:

Basically I will not be doing any painting for some time.  Even when I get to Leeds we are house sitting for my girl friend's parents, and although her father is a gamer (FOW), I don't think I'll be able to get much painting done.  This is sad to me.  It might also be that I am not on the internet that much - their router is HORRENDOUS!  And you cannot get a signal anywhere that is not sat right next to it.  But we shall see.  So, instead I am most likely to be playing on games and trying to get games in at the local gaming group: Leeds Night Owls.  With any luck I will be able to get in some games of Fantasy and 40k!       

Since I have not too recently (end of last month) finished off my Dwarf army, I am going to be moving on to some different stuff.  Basically I will not be touching an army for a short while, I want to paint some small things - like a Blood Bowl team or single miniatures - but I will be moving back into painting armies.  I have a vaguely planned Space Wolf and Orc and Goblin army to get around to doing soon.  And of course expanding my Dwarfs.  The Orks will also get a look in, but I think they'll get a repaint rather than anything else.  They don't look that good (being done very quickly) and would rather spend a bit more time on them to make them look good.  This will possibly mean an alteration in paint scheme - same colours but different way of doing them.  However, I am in no great rush for my armies.  I have a working force for both 40k and Fantasy, so I plan to slowly build up these armies in small batches - something like 300-500pts at a time.  A nice gentle pace.

So what am I doing in the mean time?  Well, for the next two weeks I will be tidying it up to be ready to move and playing an awful lot of WOW (no TV or Xbox... :(  ) and then perhaps play on the X-box when I get to Leeds.  I have a bunch of games to work through before I can really buy any more without feeling very guilty.

So... don't expect lots of stuff from me over the next few weeks - month.  But hopefully something will happen.  Who knows, perhaps I'll even get the Trading Post going and active once again....

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