Wednesday, 3 August 2011

[40k] Space Marine Librarian

So, I have finally gotten around to starting my project for the Charity Sale I try to hold on LO.  The theme is a 40k HQ model, and wanting to step away from doing anything with beards for a short while I decided to go with a straight marine.

I also wanted to do a bit of a conversion, not loads but enough that he looks different.  So, after settling on a librarian I decided to try out the psychic hood I have seen Ron at From the Warp do a couple of times.  I think it turned out quite well.  For the pose I wanted it to seem like he was walking forwarding while 'casting', which is why the hand is out stretched and his blade lowered.  I am not sure on his chapter yet, but I was thinking perhaps of doing him as a Blood Angel.  I also need to think how to do his base.


  1. that is an awesome kit bash, I might try this for my own collection one day.

  2. Nice work, you don't see many conversions where the weapon is in his left hand and he is casting with his right.

    And the hood makes a nice touch to the models as well. Did you deliberately opt against the chest power cables?

    Ron, From the Warp

  3. Amethyst Studios - Thanks, I think with the sheer number of plastic kits open to the SM there is no reason not to convert your own!

    Ron - Thanks. I realised that when looking for an out stretched right arm. It just looked right to me, and the sword was left handed anyway.

    Thanks, and great guide. Really easy to follow. Well I haven't decided if I'm going to add any yet, I am not very good with greenstuff still so I might skip it on this one. Also, I'd image the robes on the chest would hide them. That's my excuse anyway...


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