Thursday, 28 July 2011

Moving on....

OK, it's not as serious as it sounds.  I haven't updated in quite a while, this is because I haven't done any painting for a bit.  After the Longbeards I realised I had a Dwarf king and an Organ Gun to paint, but had a very busy couple of weeks - spent most of last week in Leeds for my girl friend's graduation (yay her!), and last weekend I had a bunch of friends down.  Thus no time to paint.  Luckily I already had what I needed to paint from a previous army version. 

With this my Dwarf army is complete to about 2000pts.  I am overall quite happy with how they look, the scheme is quite easy to do and I have been discovering new methods of painting Dwarfs.  I have plans to expand them further soon to give me more options to play about with.  However in the meantime I will be getting my first Dwarf, and indeed first 8th edition games in this weekend.  Quite sad that I haven't been able to play it before. :( 

This weekend sees myself and fellow gamers from Librarium Online are going to Warhammer World for our yearly Meet.  A weekend of gaming.  This time around I am only taking Dwarfs, this being because they are the only complete and serviceable army I possess (the Orks got battered on my move down to Kent and I never fixed them. =/ ) and for ease of travel.  Looking forward to this, and have been for some time.  :)

I have had a good time recently with my Orks, been on a run of 9-0-2 (W-D-L).  I have been recording my gaming progress in an excel chart, it is quite nice to be able to see my progress.  And I am enjoying playing about with excel a little.

The final thing I have to say is this... I am moving again soon, myself and the girl friend are moving up to Leeds (she's doing a Masters there) and her parent's are kindly bringing some stuff up to Leeds from Kent for us.  Then we get to house sit their place for a month while we look for our own flat.  EXCITING.  This does mean that for a short period I might be out of contact with the internet, either due to their house having bad signal or when we move and have to set everything up.  I am hoping to get one mini done over the next few weeks before my stuff all gets packed up, not sure what yet but I will be tracking it.

Just thought you'd like to know...


  1. Exciting times for you Kuffy! Congrats on getting the Dwarf army done and great to hear your doing well with the Orks.

    Enjoy the LO meet, pity I can't go once again! (The downside of being unemployed!)Make sure you take plenty of pictures again.

  2. Cheers Vinny. The army is technically done, there are just some parts left out because I either don't like the current minis or ran out of time.

    I did! See This post! LO Meet 2011


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