Tuesday, 5 July 2011

[Musing] Painting!

It's been a while since I posted on here, nearly a month in fact.  I have been quite busy, well... sort of.  Got some painting done, and not done. ...

First of all the painting, the Longbeards are still being worked on.  I am on the final six out of twenty, although I did realise last night that I didn't have enough bases for them so one will be a four dwarfs on a monster base.  Overall they're coming along nicely and I hope to have them all but based by Friday.  Then they won't be finished until next Monday - Dad's 60th birthday this weekend.  With the completion of the Longbeards that leaves me with just the Organ Gun and King to paint, to be completed by the 28th July.  Sounds easy but when you factor in missing a week soon for my girl friend's graduation and visiting friends, not so much.  As I have mentioned in a earlier post, the Hammerers are on hold until I can figure out a method for making them that I'll like.  I dislike the metal/resin ones and most of the plastic conversions I have seen just don't sit right with me.  They look like warriors 2.0.

On top of this I have spread my listening of podcast to 40K centric ones and have enjoyed it.  I picked up a bunch of the recent episodes of the big names.  This has led me to consider strongly what to do after the Dwarfs, and leads me onto my next point. 

My name is Kuffy, I have gameritis. 

All I really want to do is collect armies.  I have one complete, albeit broken, 1500pt Ork army and I keep coming up with new list ideas for about a dozen more armies.  I know for 40k I plan to have a Ork and Space Wolf army and for Fantasy a Dwarf and Orc & Goblin force.  And yet, I keep adding extra armies onto my choices.  I use to think that I'm the kind of gamer who would pick a list and make it HUGE, and I still want to do this, however it seems that I also want to have multiple massive armies.  I have been considering three - four forces per system, and that isn't including Blood Bowl, Mordheim or Necromunda (or WarmaHordes if people play it near me).  It's a lot.  I just keep having to remind myself of cost, time and bring myself down from the top of these plans before they topple over.

That said, when I finish with the Dwarfs I plan to either paint something basic (looking at the human team from Blood Bowl) or do nothing for a short while to recover.  After this I plan to slowly build my major faction choices in about 500 - 750pt blocks.  I was planning on making a 2000pt list for them all, with each having a 500pt 'side board' of random stuff that I like the look/sound of.  This would hopefully mean that as they grow they become more playable; and with already having a playable Ork army, and nearly playable Dwarf army I should be able to play games but with an expanding choice of options for them.

The Orks will be next - mainly because they're damaged as it is and 40k tends to be a bit more prolific that Fantasy and it would possibly be easier to get a game in.  With this in mind I have been bookmarking a whole bunch of ork threads from 'Da Waaagh' for inspiration.  And inspired I have been.  I am looking forward to it.

So, over the next month be sure to check back and you'll see appearing soon my Longbeards, Organ Gun and Dwarf King.  After that, well I'll see where the muse takes me...


  1. Good luck with the list of jobs over the next few months :)

  2. Good luck with keeping to the plan.

    I have the same 'problem' (although I think of it as gamer-ADD), but I find that as long as I can prevent myself from going on eBay or into a GW I can stick with the pile of grey plastic I already own rather than adding (yet) more to it. Overall, I figure that this is a hobby, so doing the part of it that makes you happy is the important bit.

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