Monday, 25 May 2009

In the past...

I forgot to mention my games a week or two ago now. I really need to write up some battle reports. (Damn you Fable II!). But I played a Witchunters warband, and well... it was quick and hurt a lot. A lot. I won't go into too much detail, but almost everyone in my warband were taken out of action in that game - including my possessed! Luckily my heros survived. However, now we come to the horror of my dice rolling. For almost every game I play, at least two henchmen are actually killed. I always end up rolling a 1 or a 2. Its horrid! I have had to buy back so much of my warband its near mind boggling. So I lost a few here and had to replace them, but luckily I had enough gold to do so, and bring in a new mutant! Wooo. Although, my existing one had a chest wound, so is now T2. >__<

My next game, vrs the Marienburg warband. This was a fun game, it was a treasure hunt; which I won! :D Admittedly that was because he routed, but still. My possessed again did the business - and now has W3 and WS5, S&T4, can charge 15" and a 5+ ward save. WOOOOO!

I have increased the size of my warband now, adding in some much needed support in the form of more brethren. This is how my warband looks now.

Magister - Axe, Bow.
Step aside

Sprint, Step Aside, extra arm mutation

Mutant - Hammer x2, axe
extra arm mutation, step aside, jump up

Mutant - hammer x2
stinger tail mutation

beastman - mace, axe

brethren - mace, axe

brethren (2) - spear

brethren (3) - mace, axe

As you may see, I favour the mace/hammer. The reason being it stuns people much easier, and few people really have armour, and if they do its generally a max of 6+ so I don't have to worry too much about reducing armour.

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