Sunday, 10 May 2009

The first round!

So, week one of the campaign kicked off today. I managed to gain a win and a loss, facing a Marienburg mercenaries and a Carnival of Chaos. The humans were tricky, and I lost because my best fighter was well out of the fight! I left my possessed out on the left to chase archers, while the bulk of my group got stuck in with the rest of the warband. That said, the possessed did munch through four people that game! As a result he gained the "sprint" ability and now has a very scary 15" charge range. I failed due to a rout test.

The game against the carnival was capture the wyrdstone counters. I decided not to, mainly because he had all but one of them by the second turn. I did do a bit of damage, the possessed once more gaining a kill and the "step aside" ability for a save in combat. I won as he elected to rout, giving me the win.

I currently have five shards of stone, which can be sold. I lost two members of my band, but brought a solitary one back. My next game I am considering selling the stones before the game so I can afford another mutant. He's going to have two hammers and a stinger tail - giving me two bludgeoning attacks and a single S5 attack. Will cost about 71gc though. He does also give me an extra dice on the exploration chart though.

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