Saturday, 9 May 2009

The beginning

Once again, I'm going to attempt a blog. I am quite bad at these things, always forgetting them or just not having anything to say. This is to follow my hobby as a miniature gamer, including actual games, articles I can be bothered to write and any ramblings I come up with.

I have two current projects on the go, these being -

  • 2000pt Ork army
This is nearing completion. I just have, a looted wagon, 13 lootas, 8 nobs and the warboss to paint. All in time for the LO meet in July. I am getting there slowly.

  • Mordhiem!
My gaming group at uni has decided that its going to run a Mordhiem campaign. Wanting to get into this a little more, I've decided to join in. More later.

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