Wednesday, 13 May 2009

An essay a week, keeps the hobby away

So these past few weeks have not been the most busy in the world of hobby stuff. This being that I have had a lot of uni work to look after - four thousand words in about four days. Admittedly that was my fault for leaving it so late. But that's why I haven't done much. I did however get all excited over starting Mordheim, so cracked out the possessed warband I've had for a while. I had to order some bitz for conversions but these won't be done until the summer.

My looted wagon has been finished, just waiting for it to be painted now. A slight hiccup is that my lootas are delayed due to lack of stock, so I might have to start work on the nobs instead. Not much left now to make it 2000pts! =D

Also, I brought Bloodbowl because it looked like a good, fun game. Some me and a housemate could play during a day with minimal fuss but also have a lot of fun.

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