Thursday, 9 August 2012

The LO Meet 2012

For the last eight years my home forum on the interwebs,, has held an annual gathering at Warhammer World (WHW).  Each year we get members to turn up and just have fun playing games.

This year was no exception, we are missing the odd member her but this the gamers from the weekend.

Here is my account....

I won't go into the mundane details but will cover my games and then throw in a host of pictures at the end. So, I arrived at about midday and dived into a game vs Skaven.

Just so you know, despite collecting dwarfs for over a decade I have very little actual gaming experience with them and in this weekend it showed.  I haven't found many gamers I can get around to play games on a regular basis.  Anyhow, enough with the excuses, my list was as thus:

Runelord; shield, MRoBalance, 2x RoSpellbreaking, RoPreservation, RoResistance
BSB; MRoGromril, RoPreservation, RoResistance, RoFire

30 Warriors; Great weapons, Standard and Musician
30 Rangers; Great weapons, Standard and Musician
20 Quarrellers; Great Weapons, Standard Muisican

38 Hammerers; Standard, Musician, MRoGrungni
Cannon; Engineer, RoForging
Cannon, Engineer, RoForging, RoBurning
Grudge Thrower, Engineer, RoAccuracy, 2x RoPenetrating
Organ Gun

I will discuss this after the very brief game reports, with anything I actually remember.

He had a big block of Stormvermin, Plague Monks with Furnace, two or three slave blocks, some gutter runners, two doom wheels, one cannon and some censor bearers.

It did not go well from the start.  The rats are faster than I had though and the magic that got through did damage.  My organ gun was first to bite it.  Oh and we were playing Meeting Engagement, so my two big warrior blocks were in reserve.  I whittled the plague monks down a bit, but not enough.  That unit does a lot of damage.  It hurt.  Basically I was wiped out to a dwarf (this is a theme you'll see develop here).  I managed to kill, the gutter runners, a doom wheel and the plague censer bearers.  :(  Poor positioning, getting involved in combat too quickly and having nothing to shoot I can blame here.

Orcs and Goblins
A big unit of orcs with spears, one medium big un unit, two board chariots, two pump wagons, two giants, some wolf riders, six trolls and some archers.  A well rounded list.

I lost my cannon early to the riders, they got around the flank, helped by vanguarding.  That kept the giants safe.  Both of his awesome pump wagon conversions were ferreted by crossbow bolts quickly on.  The main hitters were the trolls, I just couldn't kill them.  And the horde of spear orcs into my flank.  It was messy.

I did almost take out the horde and one giant, but otherwise just killed some weedy gobbos.

Dark Elves
I stand by this being a dirty list.  Two hydras, one block of corsairs, one of black guard, one huge spearmen holding a sorceress with the sacrificial dagger, some crossbowmen, the cauldron and two hydras.

I just couldn't kill the hydras.  They wee munching through my warrior blocks with each.  First shot of the game took the corsairs down to about ten of them, a big old hit but still took ages to get rid of the unit.  My mistake there was letting them get Mindrazor off on the unit.  Everything else was munched up by hydras

Got the corsairs and most the spears, even if they were mostly killed by their own side.

Orcs and goblins
Another one, but a different style.  An all gobbo list.  Well, aside from the eight trolls.  Three or four night goblin blocks, a unit of trolls, two spider riders some artillery.

This game was watchtower, I started by putting my quarrellers in there who spent the rest of it shooting and smacking trolls in the face.  They were forced out on turn three or four with few remaining, I had nothing to counter the troll infested tower.  I made some critical mistakes in not shooting the trolls when possible, but was trying to get rid of the doom diver and spear chukkas on the hill by panicking them off.  It didn't work.

I lost the game by nothing being able to touch the trolls inside, didn't kill much either.

Vampire Counts
Big unit of skellies, some ghouls, grave guard, vargulf and vamps.  The vargulf got shot to shit by the quarrellers leaving it on 1W and the grave guard got peppered with shots.  After two turns, there were none alive.  The vamp lord was a beats.  Red fury I hate!  She almost single handedly took out the army with her bazillion attacks.

I lost everything.  Again.  Only killed some dogs and the guard.

So as you can see, not a very successful weekend for me.  I put my excuses at the beginning, lack of play and mostly I think down to poor choices. I need to practise more with the army.  I also think it is down to the list, for  - to my shame - this is a net list.  I wanted to try it, and... I don't like it.  I forgot the rangers each turn and didn't have enough shooting to counter stuff.  Also, once the runelord had died my magic resistance was very low.  I'm in the process of figuring out a better looking  one and one that suits me for next year, but hopefully I'll get some play testing in first.

I've been looking at testing a dual grudge thrower list, and more anti-magic.  But it is all about testing.  I'm going to drop the rangers as I a) forgot about it so it was a waste of 30pts and b) I don't have that many units, having such a big one out of position would not go well.  But mostly, I think I just need practice.

The weekend itself was loads of fun, even if I did get broken on the Saturday and was a hollow shell on the Sunday.  Some great guys, got to chat shit, play games and have fun.  We even got the raffle up to £80 an gave way two pieces of terrain (one 40k, one WHFB), two anthology novels, one for each system again, some vouchers and squishy die.  All in all, a great weekend and I look forward to revenge for next year!

Picture time!


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