Thursday, 16 August 2012

On to the next project

It has been a while since I have painted anything, and will be at least another week but I have a project in mind.  This Tuesday I move into a house with the girl friend (rented still) and it has an awesome little room that is going to be a 'study' aka my geek room.  :D  So this week has been full of boxes and bags as we're trying to get everything sorted out and ready.

But this hasn't stopped me making plans!  I have a whole bunch of ideas on how to expand my current armies and how to do more painting.  It also comes from wanting to clear some stuff out which I'm not going to use, the first item on my list is a human blood bowl team.  This will be going up on ebay, and hopefully will do as well as the Dwarf team a few years ago did.  I was thinking of names and colours for them, and at first I thought of the usual stock blue or red colour but then I thought I'd also like to challenge myself.  There aren't many models in the team and this looked like a good opportunity to have some fun.

The theme I have come up with is based off the Solland colours; black and yellow.  Quite hard colours but stand out really well next to each other and I have never really painted these colours much.  I was thinking of calling them the  "Solland Sunderers" as a hint to the destruction of their homeland.  According to the Empire Heraldry book which I got a look at the other day a big icon of Solland is a sun, the middle of which might be a cross or a plain sun.  I think this would look really cool on the shoulders of the team.  So I'm going to do a little playing about to practice and get the freehand on them looking good.

Alongside this they'll get a set of markers, probably from plasticard.  This being 3x re-rolls, 1x score and 1x turn markers.  I have some ideas, but I was thinking the turn marker might look cool if it was the teams badge, I'm currently unsure of what to do for the others.

As well as these, I have some painted mins I can part with.  It might be a case that I do a post on some forums for a week or two, if they don't sell then they will go up on ebay.

I'm excited to have an idea!  Just the move to sort out now.


  1. New digs, co-habitation, new geek room...all very exciting Looking forward to seeing what all the new room yields, especially the human team.

    1. Cheers, I'm looking forward to it too. Hopefully going to work through my backlog of stuff. The room is most exciting, and actual room for me! :D

  2. Best of luck with the big move.
    Here's to beating that GBP57 mark! :)


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