Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Runesmith - nearly complete

So, more on the runesmith. The mini itself is complete, and I am quite happy with him overall. The runes in the book I do feel are a bit too big, but I am not that good at freehand just yet, so it'll have to do. Otherwise I am pretty happy with him, the shield worked out well enough again. Though I am aware that I haven't explained the runes meanings. So, they stand for = Ungorwutraz Karag [Khazalid], or The Delving Spear Mountain. Here are the pictures of him, the base is still being done. I am writing my own tutorial for the stamping method I use for them.




  1. I like the runes in the book, although as you mentioned they're a bit big. I think that's mitigated a bit by the fact that you kept them in columns instead of cramming them in any way possible.

  2. I think he looks cool. very nice job on the shield.


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