Saturday, 27 February 2010

Dwarf Warriors, WIP

Right then.  Finally got the second batch of five complete.  Again, no base but they'll be done at the end.  So here they are:

I am not fully happy with parts of them.  For example, you can just about see my attempt at wood grain.  I need to practice this more, it came out OK in places but I had trouble with getting it to look like dark wood.  I did however do better at the runes on the shields.  Still cannot get them looking symmetrical or the same size, but they look decent.

Next up, after these is the front rank and command.  Still not decided what to do for their banner, but I have a few ideas.

Dwarf warriors.

I have done a small amount of converting to them. One thing you'll notice, when I get a picture of them, is the lack of horns and wings. Only a couple of my minis will have these added to the helmets. For the most part, I dislike them. I just really don't like them on the dwarf helmets, and want to come up with a better idea of changing them. Its something I want to do with my army. I have been playing collecting dwarfs for a long time and have recently realised that none of the army incarnations have actually been MY dwarfs. They've always been in the GW scheme or used a typical dwarf army straight out the box.

So, with this army I have a plan. I want to make it mine. Using what skills I have as a painter/modeller I want to make this dwarf army HUGE and MINE. So small conversions, and larger ones. I am not building it to game with (though, I will be doing so) but rather as a life long project that is Kuffy flavoured (with a hint of outsiders). Its a very long term plan and will be built alongside my greenskins, along with fluff and all other stuff. I want this army to hold a very personal connection for me.

As to your point about the longbeards, I still have a unit of the beautiful metal ones to repaint. But I will also be seeking a new method of making them stand out from warriors. I don't know just yet, so I'm not going to dwell on them until I feel I am ready to tackle them.

Another point, I never explained the runes from my army. The runes stand for "Ungorwutraz Karag" or "The Delving Spear Mountain". I have some skeletal outlines of fluff, but haven't really planned much further than that yet.


  1. Have you ever tried painting a set of real-life shields with unit insignia and not using a stencil? Trust me, variation happens...

    I like how they're shaping up and look forward to seeing more!

  2. The colour scheme, free hand and painting in general is really sharp - well done on finding complimentary colours.

    As verning has said, variation is expected in the real world so why try to rub it out in our fantasy verse.

    Kepp at it.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys.

    Dverning - Yeah, I suppose. Its just slightly annoying I can't get them similar enough for my liking.

    Rogue Pom - Thanks. I was at first unsure about the scheme, but I really like it. The grey and turquoise I found was unusual for dwarfs, and so it stuck. =D

  4. I think the shield designs look great, and from afar one can't really spot the minor differences, which as others have pointed out up close merely look natural.

    I really support your choice of trying to make your army personal and your own. I'm tempted to suggest that you remove the horns on the third warrior, as I really like the "unhorned helmet"-look. Makes them look more viking'ish and sets them apart from the regular GW-Dwarfs.

    Either way, keep up the good work, looking forward to that banner of yours - more often than not, my favourite part of any regiment, is the bannerman!

  5. Cheers dude.

    I thought that, but I wasn't too keen on how he looked without the horns on. I'm quite happy with how these guys are looking.

  6. They look great mate designs on shields are very impressive.

    Really looking forward to seeing how you paint the metal Longbeards they are beautiful models - If I had the money I would get a full regiment of them.


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