Thursday, 10 December 2009

Dwarfs and what's to come.

 Right, so uni is almost about to have its Christmas break and I have managed to spend some time doing something other than uni work over the last few weeks (ish).  I have some dwarf quarrellers to show first of all.You might have seen previously the green bases I used.  Following this I decided to make stamps from them, and it worked pretty well.  Next I needed to make twelve bases.  This would have used an awful amount of greenstuff, so I used milliput instead.  Didn't need much off it, dried overnight and actually had enough to do sixteen bases.  Here are some pictures:




I'm not amazingly happy about the grey stones.  I was unsure how to highlight them and they are a bit rushed, as you'll see in the picture.  But, it looks OK.

Now.  On to the dwarfs.  I ended up with twelve quarrellers in the end, with shields.  The pictures have once against changed the turquoise to green (still no idea why it does this), but you'll get the idea of how they look.  I don't plan to use the shields GW made them with as I dislike the embossed symbols.  Instead I am hoping to use the older shields, minus the boss, and hand paint on my army's runic badge.

So,  I have two challenges.

  • What conversions are in the unit?
  • What does the runes mean?



If you know these, or can get close to them, well done.

So, that is my dwarfs done with.

I also have more to add.  Some plans.  I have seen these used on blogspot blogs, so figured I'd do the same.  I have built a small selection - between 500 and 600pts - for each of my proposed armies and made a little picture of them.  So I can keep track of what is being painted and how far through them I am.

I haven't included much details, I just want to get basic items down, rather than getting bogged down in magic items/wargear. 


Orcs and Goblins

Space Wolves


Blood Bowl Teams - Currently only Orcs


  1. Excellent work on the bases mate. On the highlighting, try paint them so the light colour is on the edges of the slabs with the darker in the middle.

    Hope that helps.

  2. I think the bases look great! Well done.

  3. Got to say I really like the idea of creating these progress charts to help motivate yourself.

    Its kind of like a reverse advent calendar minus the chocolate.

  4. Thanks guys. I like the bases too. I wanted it to seem like they were in the dwarf hold still. So flagstones worked well.

    Skcuzzlebumm - I have seen it used in 40k a lot, so figured I could use the same idea fro multiple smaller projects.


  5. Hey dude, how did you do the 50/50 colour split on the shields? Any cheats/hints you can give a fellow dwarf collector

  6. Kahuna - You mean the colours or my method? The method is simple, I just judged where halfway was and then painted one side with the turquoise first, then followed it with the grey.

    The colours I used are VMC Turquoise and chaos black base. The add more turquoise into it, then finally some skull white for highlight. The grey is done with shadow grey plus chaos black base, add more grey in and finally white to highlight.

    I hope this helps.


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