Sunday, 20 December 2009

The Christmas Period

I totally forgot I had something to update from the dwarfs.  Alsa, I will not be able to touch it until after Christmas as I am currently home from uni.  I did however manage to make a couple of heroes, though they have some faults.

This is my Runesmith.  I wanted a unique looking hero, so I used a mini from the Mordheim Treasure Hunter box set.  The book is plasticard, but does look a little bit flat - I hope to alter this with painting, or maybe adding a few more 'pages'.  His staff I have had trouble with.  I couldn't get the join to look smooth, its too obvious.  I might have another go at it when I get a chance.

This is my thane.   He's from a box set of thane + BSB.  I chose to remove the big feathers and the shield boss, as I liked neither.  Instead I plan to paint the hold's symbol on the oval.  The helmet looks OK, I may have to have another go at filling in the gaps for the 'wings', but I'm happy overall.

The Trading Post Blog
 I would like to make a little note about my other blog, the Trading Post.  Its quite at the moment, mainly because I don't have much to add - unfortunately.  Should you want to add to the blog, or have your blog added to the blog roll then please email me on

You'll also notice a small icon on my blog to the right, please feel free to add it to your own blog.

I was also considering doing a sort of collaborative post, the idea being "New Year Resolutions".  Only fantasy and hobby related though.  If you this idea, make a post before the New Year and send me a link to it on the above email address

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