Tuesday, 24 November 2009

LOCs finished!

A copy of my post on the forum:

Right then.  As Nem has already eluded to, the auction has finished.  Before I launch into the final total, I would like to thank all those painters involved in this project - this includes those who didn't get round to painting a mini.  The fact that you are all willing to give up something you brought and sell it off for charity is a big thing.  Thanks guys.  And I would also like to thank those people on LO (or off, if you know them) who actually bid for these minis.  It is quite special and good for us to do this and it happens once in a while, so thank you to all of you who bid - even if you didn't win it - on a mini.  The money is going to a good cause.

So.  Without any more halting and blubbering from me.  The total.  This time round, we raised a total of...


While not as big as before, it was still rather impressive and all of it is going to a great cause.  This money, and maybe a few extra quid from myself, will be going to the Red Cross charity.

Again, thanks to all who were involved, whether painting or bidding, without you guys there would be nothing.  Be proud of yourselves. :)


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