Monday, 16 November 2009

Charity Auction sale

Hey guys.  This is an attempt to raise money for charity.  On my home forum of myself and some other painted banded together to paint a number of miniatures to sell off for charity.  This has previously raised £181 from selling 40k characters, this time have done it with the Fantasy range.  Please view the minis, and if you are feeling generous, bid on one.  All proceeds will be going to the Red Cross charity.  P&P is free and we ship worldwide.  Do something good, bid!

Zen's Sigvald
Kuffy's Skink Hero
MrDee's Korhil
JQ's Empire Hero
Leech's Khazrak
Minus_t's Goblin Shaman

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  1. Painting for charity sounds like a great thing, wish I had known of it earlier, and I'd loved to have contributed (alas my wallet's rather slim, so I'm afraid I can't help the Red Cross other than through my membership and yearly membership fee at the moment...).

    It's some lovely minis by the way, wonderfully painted!

    If this thing catches on and you decide to do it again, then please give me a shout, and I'll do my best to paint something worthy of comparison to those 6 minis currently on auction!


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