Monday, 26 October 2009

Well... that was a while.

So, yeah. I am alive, sorry about not posting for ages. I had had work and all sorts happening over the last few weeks, just not had the time. =( I am however free from Wednesday evening onwards. I am hoping to get some painting done on Thursday and Friday. As you might have guessed I haven't really touched the hobby at all recently - still been on the forums I visit and that, but otherwise not had much to do with it. And so, I never got chance to enter into the Winter's Touch Challenge. Sucks, but I'm still going to paint him up. I am thinking pale blue skin, like the skink, but white in places and same with the hair etc. Will have to see.

After this, I am looking to move back onto the focus for my dwarfs. I want to get these guys worked on. They've waited for so long...

So yeah. Not much to say, except I am still around, just got quite busy and hope to change that soon.

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  1. Good to see that you are still kickin'. Me on the other hand have been busy with real life stuff that is keeping me off the forums, but my blog is still going strong.



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