Saturday, 19 April 2014

Um... hi. I'm back again.

*Blows Dust off blog*

Hi there.  It has been a very long time since I have used this thing.  I did have plans of using a wordpress blog, but it does not get anyway near the traffic that Blogger does.  It was being used (and still will be) for more roleplaying stuff.

I have updated some stuff there, which I didn't include on here.  That being a second Grey Hunter pack and a Rune Priest were completed.  See below..

But the true be told, I have barely lifted a paint brush since September.  One or two attempts but I just can't bring myself to paint.  It doesn't help that I am liking 40k less and less.  The new "expansions" offer little except for GW to grab more money and remove any tactical thinking by giving everyone access to things that can cover for inherent problems an army might have.  Just doesn't sound fun to me.

Instead I have just been bumming about.  Not doing too much.  I have started to do Roleplaying, I have completed a One Ring campaign, and now find myself in a Shadowrun campaign.  I am also running Rise of the Runelords for Pathfinder with some of my friends online.  Having a whale of a time trying that out and stuff.  There might be posts about that when I get around to it.

Also, the dwarf book has brought be to the paint desk once again.  If I am going to paint anything and get into it again, it'll probably be those guys.

From my previous dwarf stuff I have decided to go for a new scheme (see below for pictures).  The reason being that I found the grey and turquoise I was using to be quite dull and lack any... pop.  So I have this time decided to try and push myself by picking two colours that I have never really used before.  Blue and Yellow.  I like the scheme, and think it works really well.

I am not going to get the bulk of warriors done first, so I'm going to do some of the stuff I have and then more special units, and fill in the rest when need be.  My aim is to have another 2500pts done by the end of the year.

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  1. Really like the look of that Dwarf warrior, nice and clean colours. Keep it up Kuffeh!


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