Sunday, 7 April 2013

Space Wolves nearing the end

So, I found a little bit of time this weekend (between getting smashed at Talisman) to get the bases of the wolf squad finished off.  Again, these are quick photos taken on my phone camera so don't expect too much.  So, first of all....

The bases.  I decided that just sand and paint would be boring, so I wanted to add a little bit more character to them.  A quick dig through my assorted ork bitz gave me some stuff to chuck on there next to stones.  The final touch, and I think it adds a lot to them, is the small pieces of static grass.  These are the GW 'Mordheim Turf'.  They are really nice, coming in a pre-made little patch of different sizes, costing £8.  This box should see me through at least another three or four squads.  Not too bad.

Then we have multiple shots of the squad.  I still haven't decided on the Great Company, but otherwise they are complete.  I tried to get a good photo, but without a proper light tent it wasn't going to happen.  Anyway, here they are:

Hopefully I'll get the company mark on there soon, then it is my first squad fully completed!

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