Friday, 6 May 2011

[FANTASY] A Dwarfs Tale - War Machines Part II

 I have done a mock up of the complete mortar.  I have found that it is quite busy looking - with four crew (including Engineer).  One thing that might be noticeable is the base is different.  There is one reason for this, I didn't have enough miliput to make the base and wall.  This got me considering something and I realised that using miliput is just not cost effective.  It is expensive and time consuming, the problem is I already have half my army based with miliput stamped bases.  I am going to try a new method on the mortar, that is I have cut in squares onto the actual base to represent flagstones.  If this looks good when it is painted then I am likely to keep with this method for the rest of the army.  It might look a little disjointed, with some raised others not but it is cheaper and quicker.  But as I say, that I have not decided upon just yet.


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