Friday, 27 May 2011

[Fantasy] A Dwarfs Tale - Army Standard Bearer

So, back on the painting bandwagon and doing some more Dwarf stuff, I have managed to completely finish the army standard bearer (BSB)....

Overall I am pretty pleased with how he's turned out, the cloak especially.  I wanted it to look like a wolf pelt, and I think it was quite successful.  I did the inner runes white because there was just too much gold/bronze on the model already and any more would just not suit.  I am pretty pleased with how that turned out. 

My plan to get the army done for the LO Meet looks as though I might miss out.  It's a shame, but I think the army shall be mostly complete by then.  I have very little left now:

Dwarf Lord
Organ Gun

So, this is achievable and hopefully they'll all be done before I move back up north in August.  The Hammerers I am actually planning on converting from the plastic kit.  I have never been a fan of models that are done in this manner, but it is better than spending nearly £60 on models - especially now as it is unclear when the new resin versions will be released. So, I am looking into doing them from a guide I saw on Bugmans, with a slight alteration or two.  To help with this I brought some clay shapers, looking forward to testing them out.

Next up, the old metal Longbeards.  Who have been sat soaking in a bath of Simple Green for FAAAAAAAARRRR too long. 


  1. Great work, I particularly like the beard. The miniature has a lot of character, with his 'come and have a go if you think you're hard enough' hand gesture.

  2. I like the colour choices, the rich red as the inner lining of the cloak - which is turned out in the second picture.

    These make me want to get back on the painting horse, I fell off it a few months ago. Good stuff Kuffeh!

  3. BovineOverlord - Thanks. I think I have a nack for painting beards, perhaps due to painting so many of them. :D It does have a lot of character.

    He however was not my first choice as a BSB. I had wanted to convert him to my lord, but the banner itself is moulded to the mini itself. :(

    Redcraig - Thanks, I really liked that too. I wanted to add some colour and that just worked out perfect.

    Get on it! :D


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