Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Rethinking Orks

So, I have managed to get a few games in with my Orks and I enjoying playing them, however I feel like I need to re-work my list a little.  First of all, here is my current list I have been using (1500pts).

Warboss; Power Claw, Kombi-Skorcha, Attack Squig, Eavy Armour, Cybork, Boss Pole

Big Mek; Burna, Kustom Force Field, Cybork

7 x Nobs; Eavy Armour, Cybork
1 x Waagh Banner
1x Painboy
1x Power Claw, Kombi-Skorcha, Boss Pole
1x Power Claw, Kombi-Skorcha
Trukk - Reinforced Ram, Red Paint Job

10 x Loota

12 x Slugga
Nob - Power Claw, Boss Pole
Trukk - Reinforced Ram, Red Paint Job

12 x Slugga
Nob - Power Claw, Boss Pole
Trukk - Reinforced Ram, Red Paint Job

20 x Shoota
Nob - Power Claw, Boss Pole
2x Rokkits

20 x Shoota
Nob - Power Claw, Boss Pole
2x Big Shoota

2x Buggy; Rokkits and Trakks

+ + + + + + + + + + +

I have found some squads to perform really well; the lootas and the Trakk's do really well.  They might die (the latter especially) but they tend to complete their missions and are an annoyance.  The shoota boyz have done OK, not amazing though.  The nobz have killed almost anything they have faced in combat, but I think they have been targeting the wrong units. 

I am considering dropping the two slugga units, so far they have underperformed.  I have found that their vehicle is too easy to destroy, which in turn leaves them on foot.  Once here they are too easily neutralised, numbering only twelve, and having only a 6+ save they will not last long under any form of basic arms fire.  Not only this I have found them to be quite bad in combat.  Yes, sure they have four attacks each on the assault, but they are still only I3, meaning against a lot of opponents they are going last or simultaneous.  Again with the low save, they squad going solo will not last that long. 

I have considered the use of Ard Boyz, but I don't think the extra 4pts a model for a 4+ save just doesn't seem worth the investment.  It would allow them to weather some fire and save some wounds in combat, but not that much still.

The battle wagon is on my to-do list, and I would like to take it, the problem being of course removing the other trukks from the list makes the BW the single most popular target on the table.  Is the solution to bring two of them? 

Also, in terms of modelling, would you as a gamer be wary of models on a larger base?  By this I mean, I have my nob squad on terminator bases, and would like to put the nobz in other squads on similar bases.  Is this a good or bad idea?  I really like it, but am worried that it would get complaints from others.


  1. I for one would not complain about the nobz being on terminator bases. It makes them stand out more and really doesn't give you any tactical advantage, so I say go for it!.

    As for Ork tactics, I am still trying to get them down myself, I love the lootas and even my shoota boyz but I have noticed much of the same problems you are discussing with my slugga boys as well. I am messing with some foot lists I will let you know how that goes.

  2. It gives you a distinct advantage when disembarking, as it increases charge range by roughly an inch.

    Afraid I would be a bit wary of that - some might think it gamesmanship.

    As for the list? Too much bling, too few Lootas.

  3. The problem is the list lacks focus.

    * Those Shoota Boyz should be in squads of 30 if they're going on foot.

    * I'm a Speed Freek, so I love Trukks, the trick though is putting down enough vehicles to reach the enemy and your 3 Trukks aren't going to accomplish that. Trukk Boyz squads need to operate in pairs, a lone squad often lacks the punch needed to move something. So, you want to run at least 4 squads of Trukk Boyz if going that route so you can run 2 attack formations.

    * You either need to load up on vehicles so that you can deliver Boyz or you go light on vehicles with a focus on foot sloggers. Right now you're a hybrid of the two, which can work, don't get me wrong, but it's not focused.

    Get those sloggers at 30 per-mob, get the Nobz a Battlewagon and the Big Mek jumps in there for KFF safety, put the Trukks behind the BW to avoid being shot and also in range of the KFF, push the Trakks to 3 in the squad and see what happens.


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